May 2018

Intention Vs. Ignorance

During a recent visit to the car dealership to get my oil changed, I decided to go for a test drive of a new car rather than sit down and write this blog. Usually, I feel like a creative genius sitting in that waiting room with my headset on, pounding away at the keyboard. Today, […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Note: Today I am once again waiting on the kiln to be cool enough to open and discover the magic – and perhaps the disappointments. In the last three years, I’ve made great progress in my skills – simply showing me that there is another level to now aspire to. I’m republishing this blog from […]

If It Were A Snake, It Would Have Bitten Me

By: Lynn Carnes ​ Can context make you blind? How about unchecked expectations? I’m coming to the conclusion that both can make you blind – or maybe that’s just my justification since my “asparagus incident”. ​ In February, I starting clearing the weeds along my asparagus bed in my garden. Mind you, my asparagus bed […]