April 2019

No Really, Context Changes Everything

Last week my social media feed lit up with nurses sharing pictures of bloody operating rooms, the middle finger being raised, Sam Elliott smirking about someone being a special kind of stupid and talk about nurses playing cards. Nurses across the country were getting more outraged by the day. I started piecing together the reason for all the kerfuffle. Some woman in Washington State had said something about nurses playing cards all day. Wait, this woman was actually a legislator. &ld […]

Jen and I are splitting up

Working together as a Mother/Daughter team can be super difficult. If you have followed our podcast, you’ve heard some of our dramas. So when you saw that we are “splitting up”, you might make up the story it’s due to mother-daughter conflict. However, we have a better reason.Jen has started her own business.She is working with the loved ones of people caught in addiction. What Jen realized after talking to and working with hundreds of addicts and their families is the parents need o […]