July 2019

The Rules That Run Our Decisions

Do you ever think about the unwritten rules that run your life? It seems I discover a new one every day – an most of them are not of my making. I’m following someone else’s rules as if they are some kind of unbreakable law. The punishment? I never wanted to find out. Until I […]

Reading Signals-it’s harder than it looks

Driving down the road this week, I was listening to an interview, where Tim Ferriss asked Naval Ravikant what he thought was the most important skill of all. Naval’s answer was quick: Learning to learn. And the follow up to that was that the best way to learn was to read books. A LOT of books. While I […]

The Halfway Point

We are halfway through 2019! Reaching milestones like this can make you thrilled – or set you up for dread. It all depends on how you see it. Here’s one thing I’m sure of: in some ways you’ve done more, and other ways less than you hoped. If by chance you HAVE done everything on […]