September 2021

And Yes, I Got Back on the Horse!

Note: Today I’m republishing a blog from 4 years ago. I found this one as I was wrapping up the first draft of my upcoming book “Dancing the Tightrope: The Gift of Pressure, Fear and Failure.” I wrote this piece 3 months before falling from a different horse in a much less scary situation. At […]

The Power is in Your Hands

Note:  I’m sharing a draft of a work in progress. In her endorsement at the beginning of the book, Shushan Aleaqui said: “[Lynn] offers us a gift by focusing on your growth and your awareness as well as the tools to be better leaders. This book is now one of the must-read workbooks that I […]

Recovering My Courage

Four years ago this week, I went for a simple trail ride with a friend that landed me in the hospital for three days. (A place I really don’t want to be these days!) Sometimes accidents just happen. Sometimes accidents happen because we take risks we have no business taking. Sometimes accidents happen out of […]

Amnesia for the Pain of Mistakes

Yesterday, I sat at the end of the lake waiting for the water to settle down before my next ski pass. When I said, “hit it,” I had the same moment of joy I’ve had at least 500 times since early April. Every single time I say “hit it”, I feel a moment of elation […]

Sailboats and Moments of Transcendence

Note: The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book Dancing the Tightrope, The Gift of Pressure, Uncertainty and Failure. Since hearing Dr. Gabor Mate describe the balancing act of Attachment and Self Expression,  I found myself using the two-part dichotomy as a self-awareness tool. Most of the time, I could see my ineffective actions […]