October 2021

It’s All in How You See It

This week, I’ve been deep in the writing and completion of The Elegant Pivot Workbook. What seemed like a simple project at the beginning has become much more comprehensive (and difficult) than I expected. It hit me today that I was seeing it all wrong. Or upside down. That might be a less judgmental term […]

The Elegant Pocket Questions

When people ask me what my latest book The Elegant Pivot is all about, I almost always say “It’s a treatise on how to assume positive intent.” But there is something that matters even more. As I’ve been writing the companion workbook, more than ever, I recognize that The Elegant Pivot is all about keeping me curious, so that I […]

Being a Beginner

This was a full circle week full of circles. Did that sentence alone cause some dizziness? Let me explain! I spent several days in Oklahoma with a friend and her reining horses. She let me take lessons on a stud named “Magic Mike.” This horse is anything but a beginner. He knows his stuff! Me […]