Month: October 2021

It’s All in How You See It

This week, I’ve been deep in the writing and completion of The Elegant Pivot Workbook. What seemed like a simple project at the beginning has become much more comprehensive (and difficult) than I expected. It hit me today that I was seeing it all wrong. Or upside down. That might be a less judgmental term […]

Arrest and Redirecting Runaway Thoughts

Our thoughts can run away with us. They pop in our head, like the uninvited dinner guest. Before you know it, those runaway thoughts sit down, strap on a bib and start helping themselves to heaping piles of the dinner we have prepared. Meanwhile, we look on helplessly wondering those thoughts came from and if there are enough mashed potatoes to go around. […]

The Elegant Pocket Questions

When people ask me what my latest book The Elegant Pivot is all about, I almost always say “It’s a treatise on how to assume positive intent.” But there is something that matters even more. As I’ve been writing the companion workbook, more than ever, I recognize that The Elegant Pivot is all about keeping me curious, so that I […]

Being a Beginner

This was a full circle week full of circles. Did that sentence alone cause some dizziness? Let me explain! I spent several days in Oklahoma with a friend and her reining horses. She let me take lessons on a stud named “Magic Mike.” This horse is anything but a beginner. He knows his stuff! Me […]