January 2023

Give Up Control to Get Control

When I teach leadership programs, inevitably the topic of control comes up. In general, the leaders in the room want more of it, and that’s often why they seek higher positions in their company. When this conversation comes up, I prepare myself, because we are about to start confronting some beliefs. Why prepare myself? Have […]

Three Quick Ways to Create a Shift

It was a dark and rainy night…well, actually, afternoon…and it’s happening today. Typical mid-January weather, exactly what we need to stay motivated, get a bunch of stuff done and feel super good about what we’ve done so far this year, right? Did my little pep talk pep you up? I’m guessing not. It’s almost impossible […]

Trusting Yourself

As we move into 2023, I’m doing the same thing a lot of you are doing: Looking back and looking forward. Looking back, 2022 brought more than a handful of belief-changing experiences. What is a “belief-changing experience” anyway? I’m going to start with clouds. Yes, clouds. I’ve been taking flying lessons in 2022. It’s not […]