#48 Christine Dickson: On the Path of Transformation

Have you ever noticed how one thing leads to another, then leads to another and so on? This episode came about because I fell off a horse and found Warwick Schiller, who teaches people about horses on Facebook. Except he’s really all about personal transformation. He was a guest on this podcast in May 2020, and then I was a guest on his podcast September 2021. In that episode, I told a story about a pivotal moment in daughter Jen’s addiction journey. Fast forward to the summer of 2022, I get a message on Instagram from a woman in Los Angeles who had listened to that podcast and described how moved she was by that story. In early November, 2022 I went to Warwick’s Journey On Podcast Summit in San Antonio, where he gathered many of his prior podcast guests to share their wisdom in person.  

One of those podcast guests, who was not a scheduled presenter, was Christine Dickson. Now here’s where it gets interesting. I had listened to Warwick’s podcast with Christine in August and really connected with her approach and her wisdom and her wit. I was thrilled to see that she was at the Summit as well. At the first break, she came to introduce herself and guess what? She was the Christine from Los Angeles that had reached out to me on Instagram in the summer.  

We connected in person as well as we did by Instagram, and the next step was a no brainer. I had to have her on my podcast. We started this conversation with the topic of transformation. She has a story about her own transformation that both inspired me and reminded me that we are one choice away from the inner freedom we crave.  

This conversation is one I will want to listen to more than once and I suspect you will too.

Here’s a little bit about Christine:  

Christine Dickson is a Transformational Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Equine Assisted Coach. She works with people to map out their vision and reframe their limiting belief systems to create radical shifts in their lives. She has a solid background in working with people moving away from addiction and co-dependence and supporting their quest to align with their life purpose. Her ideal client is a fellow traveler who has come to a crossroads and dares to pursue a more purposeful life.  

A self-described “Late Bloomer”, she travelled a slow but steady path to rewrite her subconscious conditioning and take responsibility for her own life. By becoming more self-aware and intentional she was able propel herself into taking meaningful action that changed the course of her life. Now, she helps others do the same. What does your heart long to bring forth into the world? When that small inner voice whispers to you what you know to be true, do you listen? 

By the way, while she was not a scheduled presenter at the Podcast Summit, on Saturday, Robyn Schiller asked her to close out the Summit on Sunday afternoon. Christine tells the story of how she decided to say yes -and that story is for anyone who has ever experienced a moment of self-doubt and wanted to find a more empowering way to approach challenges.  


  • How do you define transformation in coaching? 5:42
  • What is a Still Face Experiment? 11:17
  • Why you’re creating a tyrant mindset. 20:46
  • The fixed mindset vs. the growth mindset. 27:13
  • My story of falling into a negative situation. 34:17
  • The worst thing and the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. 40:17
  • The idea of being on the path. 46:03
  • We are all the same. 51:17
  • Dopamine Nation and addiction: 55:35
  • How do I respond? How do I help her respond? 1:01:11
  • You can treat it as something you never want to do again or as something that doesn’t own you anymore. 1:05:41
  • The distinction between nervous and excited is so huge. 1:13:07
  • You can’t help the first thought that comes up, but you can shape the thoughts that comes next. 1:18:08
  • How did you describe the summit? 1:23:27
  • Unguarded people were unguarded. 1:28:15
  • What if you fail? What if you don’t do well? 1:34:38
  • The importance of finding your true voice in your life. 1:41:00
  • The importance of finding your purpose in your job. 1:47:06
  • Dancing the Tightrope at the summit is a luxury.

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