#70 Mary Connaughty-Sullivan: Nudges from the Other Side

My guest for this episode is Mary Connaughty-Sullivan. This was an incredibly special episode unlike any I've done before. Mary is the author of "Nudges from the Other Side." It is the story that she shares from her journal entries, along with a lot of poetry and her thoughts of losing her son, Aaron, at the age of 20. It's not only a heartbreaking story but also an uplifting one. You'll understand that as you listen to this podcast. 

Here is what she has to say about herself:

When asked to provide biographical info, Mary’s first sentence typically is, “I’m a mom.” To say that Aaron was and is important to her is an understatement. She considers him her foremost gift and trusts that in providing his and her story to readers, they too will receive a gift.

Mary grew up in a small midwestern town and enjoyed an active outdoor life during an era when life was slower and simpler. A self-described lifelong learner, Mary was encouraged and unrestricted by her parents to read anything and everything that interested her. Her love for words, language, and stories persists to this day.

After college, Mary spent 41 years in financial services where she held roles in sales, leadership, and as an executive leading Learning & Development teams for Fortune 500 firms. She has a BA in Psychology and has recently graduated with highest honors from the Funeral Director’s program at Fayetteville Technical Community College. Mary successfully completed all of her state board exams and became a licensed North Carolina Funeral Director in September of 2023. 

Mary lives on a small farm in North Carolina with her husband and their three horses, three dogs, and three cats. In her spare time, Mary enjoys reading, gardening, water skiing, sketching, writing, and horseback riding.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Mary Connaughty-Sullivan.

·      Grief, synchronicity, and personal growth. (0:02)

·      Finding one's voice and overcoming insecurities in a corporate environment. (4:25)

·      Coping with loss and resilience. (12:52)

·      Coping with loss and finding hope. (18:54)

·      Grief, vulnerability, and authenticity. (25:27)

·      Social media, gratitude practices, and filtering negative content. (33:45)

·      Personal and professional growth through retirement transition. (40:06)

·      Grief, spirituality, and communication with the dead. (46:17)

·      Grief, journaling, and finding hope. (52:12)

·      Grief, healing, and the impact of a memoir. (58:51)

·      Personality types and book launch planning. (1:07:27)

·      Vision Boards, Intention Setting, and Spiritual Guidance. (1:10:57)

·      Intuition, dreams, and personal growth. (1:17:47)

·      Business alignment and customer service. (1:23:42)

·      Grief, loss, and how to support those in mourning. (1:28:40)

·      Grief, healing, and personal growth. (1:37:5)

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