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My Biggest Fear in Publishing My Book

For the last several days, I’ve been living in DetailLand. Unlike DisneyLand, where everything is fun and thrilling, DetailLand is more like my own personal hell. Nothing fun and thrilling about having to read my book for the fiftieth time – checking every single word to make sure each period, space, spelling, comma, verb tense, and countless other details are correct. Fortunately, my book formatter has an eye for detail and caught many of the errors. The final version has been submitted for technical review. We are really close to publication! But my biggest fear is NOT about the book going out with mistakes. I’m quite sure the final book will have mistakes, even after we combed through it so many times. I can live with that. My fear is more personal – and irrational. It’s having to give away the secret of the ways I have jumped to conclusions in the past. This morning, my husband Russ asked me if he were in the book. “Of course you are,” I said. I reminded him of the “soy sauce” incident (Chapter 11). He had completely forgotten it. Maybe that was lucky for me. It was one of the times I completely failed to make an “elegant pivot”. I would like for people to forget my embarrassing moments! So many of the times where I assumed positive intent (which is the core idea of The Elegant Pivot,) the event started with me NOT being so gracious. All too often, my first thought is the one I don’t want ...
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