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What do They Hear You Saying

One of the conversations I find myself in a lot these days involves a client asking me how to get people to change. Makes sense - a lot of my clients are in businesses that are constantly having to respond to new competition, new market conditions or little things like a new virus that spread across the globe with astonishing speed. Business is really about change. I just had the windows at my house cleaned for the time in a couple of years. They were horribly dirty, and the change I needed was to have clean windows. However, I put it off for lots of reasons. Finding a day I could be there to let them in. Wondering if it was safe at the height of the pandemic lockdowns. Wondering if we should wait until we got a couple of the broken windows replaced first. Needing to find a window cleaner that can handle really, really tall windows. I had a lot of reasons for avoiding getting the change I needed. Finally, I happened to be at a friend's place on the day her windows were getting cleaned. The company she was using had no problem with really, really tall windows. I asked for a business card and made the call. Within a month, they pulled into my driveway, ready for a day of transformation. My windows went from having dirt and spiderwebs collected on them to shiny and clear. Their business gave me the change I was looking for. ...
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