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The Power is in Your Hands

When I first published my book "The Elegant Pivot, An Inspired Move for Navigating Corporate Politics" my primary intention was to enliven the idea with more stories and examples following my TEDx speech from 2015. In the intervening years, I found the principles in the book stood the tests of real life, whether applying them to myself or in my coaching conversations. Writing a book seemed to be a good answer to the question of how to share a transformative idea that works ... when correctly applied. Plus, truth be told, I thought writing a book would give others the shortcuts I longed for when I first learned to assume positive intent. Except a book - nor a TED talk - doesn't necessarily transform us. Liking an idea and applying that idea are worlds apart. Our brains really prefer to just go ahead and jump to conclusions. It's quick, easy and sometimes fun. It's also the cause of more strife than I care to think about. Training our brains to follow the uncharted path - that's an uphill climb. Worthwhile, but difficult. That's the purpose of this workbook: To help you help your brain slow down, open up and pivot from assuming negative intent to assuming positive intent. We must start with acknowledging that we ALL have a gap between someone's real intentions and what we think those intentions are. Closing that gap is quite difficult. For me, it requires acknowledging my own mistakes, digging into my unspoken beliefs and biases, and opening up both ears ...
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