Episode 5: David Benzel

“If you know how you got there, you can create culture.” David Benzel guides parents, coaches and leaders on the world of influence. From the earliest moments in his career, he has been helping people grow, change their habits, acquire new habits and gain skills. This conversation is packed with wisdom on leadership, change and dealing with the discomfort of going from point A to point B. His special gift is helping parents of elite athletes positively impact their children in a world where the pressure to perform can test the strongest relationships. As a an elite athlete and parent of two elite athletes, he has an insider’s perspective on how to best equip the parents to be at their best. His lessons translate to every domain where performance counts. 

  • We cover topics on influence, culture and performance
  • How to understand what different people’s needs are from a coach’s point of view
  • Now certifying people to be Sports Family Coaches – and he walks the talk
  • He is part of a husband wife team of elite athletes and he raised two elite athletes. 
  • Tyler played professional baseball.
  • His daughter Tarah Benzel Mikacich still competes at the highest level of wakeboarding.
  • His core question: Who is it you are trying to become? Where are you trying to go? 

David Benzel has been a thought leader, markedly improving the youth sports experience, for over 10 years. As the founder of GROWING CHAMPIONS FOR LIFE, he has worked tirelessly to provide life-changing strategies for athletes, parents, coaches, and sports administrators. He believes in the power of positively equipping each participant to play their BEST role. His impressive experience as an eight-time national water ski champion, published author, sought-after speaker, ESPN commentator, and parent to 2 elite athletes is brought to bear on every aspect of developing the GCFL organization. David is also thrilled to train-up individuals passionate about impacting youth sports to become certified Sports Family Coaches. Thanks to his engaging workshops, inspiring webinars, insightful articles, and other valuable resources, learning the life-lessons of sports is made easier. Along with being dedicated to GROWING champions for life, David and his wife continue to pursue their sports goals, alongside their adult children. When not working, David might be cycling, rowing, coaching his wife through the slalom course, throwing the ball for his mastiff—Sunny, reading, or taking his Harley on a scenic drive. 

Find David at:
Website: www.growingchampionsforlife.com 
Email: David@growingschampionsforlife.com 
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/growingchampionsforlife/ 
Facebook: Growing Champions for Life 
Twitter @davidbenzel  

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