October 2017

How to Break a Promise

Here’s the question I hate more than any other: “Will you do me a favor?” This question is especially tough when it comes from someone I’m close to, because, well, yes, I would love to do you a favor. So my reflexive answer is “yes”, or “sure”, or something affirmative like that. Now I’ve made […]

Charging Cable or CHARGED Cable

Over the last week, I finally transitioned to a new computer. I had been putting it off because I knew I had some old software that might not work on the new machine. Plus changing computers is hard, even when Apple does their best to make it easy. Well, it was NOT easy and that’s […]

The Give and Take of Leadership

I’ve had recovery on my mind a lot lately. Recently, I fell off a horse, breaking my collarbone. After a couple of long days in the hospital (I also had a partially collapsed lung that required a chest tube), I spent my first full day out of the hospital running light errands. My daughter/co-worker did […]