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Arrest and Redirecting Runaway Thoughts

Our thoughts can run away with us. They pop in our head, like the uninvited dinner guest. Before you know it, those runaway thoughts sit down, strap on a bib and start helping themselves to heaping piles of the dinner we have prepared. Meanwhile, we look on helplessly wondering those thoughts came from and if there are enough mashed potatoes to go around. Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to usher the interloper back out the door and return to a peaceful dinner in our own home? One of the tools I've been developing in myself over the last few years is "arrest and redirect." Using it starts with the awareness that not all thoughts are true, nor do they all deserve the royal guest treatment. In fact, a lot of our thoughts are born from our fears and insecurities. We don't have to let them run away with us. We certainly don't have to invite them to dinner! The term "arrest and redirect" came from a hiking trip with my husband Russ and friends. We had reached one of the stunning overlooks into the Hickory Nut Gorge and overlooking Lake Lure. The area features huge bald, curving rocks along the sides of the mountains. We decided to stop at the edge of one of them for a short snack. We had been walking on fallen acorns all day. It was like walking on marbles. One missed step and we would either fall into the boulders on the hillside or over the edge on the down slope side. ...
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