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The Agitation Advantage: Leveraging Discomfort for Transformation

It's natural for us humans to avoid discomfort. I've heard scientists say that most, if not all, of our actions are designed to move us away from pain and discomfort. Others argue that we also seek pleasure. As far as I'm concerned, it's a moot point. We can all agree that we are just trying to feel better. Scientists also agree that agitation is required for our brains to lay down the new neural pathways for learning. But wait! Agitation is uncomfortable. Now we have the tricky balancing act. On one side is agitation and on the other is comfort. Theoretically agitation is a wonderful thing. It's THE thing that allows us to let go of old patterns, frees us from carrying old burdens, and teaches us how to handle pressure. Naturally, it's comfort that we seek, especially when the feeling of agitation is coupled with the story that we are making a mistake or doing something wrong. But when I feel stuck in my comfort zone, I also end up not feeling all that great. It's a vicious cycle! It wasn't always this way. As kids, we were much more willing to walk, fall and get up than we are as adults. Anyone watching a careening toddler learning to walk sees the how they shake it off and try again, usually without much fuss. My pattern for NOT falling started just a few years after I was fearlessly learning to walk. One of my early memories is going to ...
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