January 2018

Standing Up in the Face of Dissent

By: Lynn Carnes Recently, I’ve watched a couple of true-story movies that involved pivotal and historical moments where a key person had a chance to stand up in the face of dissent. In our corporate lives, we often deal with make-or-break decisions in the face of disagreement, conflict and even bullying. What I loved about both of […]

When Your Day Gets Away From You

By: Lynn Carnes Do you ever start your day with great intentions and before 9:00 am, it’s nothing but putting out fires? Ok, don’t laugh. It might very well be every day that the distractions, texts, phone calls, and bad news seduce you away from doing the great work you had (operative word HAD here) […]

Beyond New Years Resolution

By: Lynn Carnes It’s that time of year again – when we join the gym, clean closets, start a new diet, set big goals, and make all kinds of promises to do better in the coming year. According to U. S. News, 80% of our resolutions will fail before February. Then we get to feel bad, like […]