January 2019

Power and Focus

I’ve been playing with some of these distinctions recently. It’s the: -Inside out vs Outside in.-Invisible vs Visible.-Internal locus vs External locus.-Respond vs React. These are top of mind concepts for me because I’m always looking for ways to put the power of change in the hands of my clients. It’s so common to give […]

That Not-So-Helpful Inner Dialogue

Sometimes, it feels like I have an inner voice that calms and stills me. But more often, there’s another, louder voice that is more like an annoying sports parent in the stands, screaming something like “Choke up on the bat!” “What’s wrong with you?” “That’s not the way you do it!” Many years ago, I was […]

Mistakes are not the end of the world

If you are anything like me, the New Year rolls around and you are excited for new beginnings, and maybe a little depressed about what you didn’t get done in the last year. Whatever great intention you set for yourself last January is waaaaaay back there in the rear view mirror. All year long, things […]