November 2021

It Comes Down to a Fear of Failure

Originally posted Nov. 18 2018 In the last 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of sitting in deep conversation with hundreds of people working in Corporate America.  When the shields are down and the corporate façade comes off, almost everyone shares one secret in common: they fear failure, especially when operating in the pressure gap. […]

Emotions: We can love them or hate them

What is the difference between expressing emotion and feeling emotion? This question has come up in various ways over the last couple of weeks, and in trying to explain the difference to a client, I found myself seeing more shades of gray than black and white. Feeling is good – but feeling too much can […]

Are you willing to see it differently?

One of the best inventions ever is the deadline. The Elegant Pivot workbook went out to those who asked to be on the “early tester” list because of two deadlines. The first was self-imposed. I promised it by November 4. If I had not given myself a deadline, I would have kept dragging it out. The second […]