August 2019

Communication, Miscommunication, and embodied knowledge

Miscommunication happens so frequently. As I write this, I’m still smarting from a post office encounter I wish had gone differently. I was just leaving the post office with a pile of boxes in my arms. A local gentleman who I know more by sight than personally was moving slowly, and he started to move […]

What does an ear twitch have to do with business?

​Early in my career, I’m pretty sure I was tone deaf. I KNOW I was tone deaf as an elementary school kid, trying to be in the church choir. After the first rehearsal, the choir director asked me to stay behind. I don’t know about you, but I have never really liked getting called onto the carpet. Being asked to stay behind at choir felt like there might be trouble coming. I don’t really remember how he started the conversation; what I do remember is his pa […]

Better is better than perfect

When I was an adult, I went back to taking piano lessons. This was not some long-held dream or bucket list item. No, this was more of an accidental way to deal with my lack of patience.  We had an old player piano that was way out of tune. It was something my new husband brought into the marriage against my wishes. In fact, I’m pretty sure I stood at the front door trying to keep him from bringing this old dirty thing into the house. It was REALLY old and dusty – and out o […]