#37: Jennifer Maneely: Focus on What You Want: The Elegant Pivot Series

Don’t think about a big, purple elephant with white polka dots and a pink tail. How did you do? First you had to think about it to not think about it. That’s the point of the principle from chapter 9 in The Elegant Pivot: Focus on What You Want.  

 This week, Jen Maneely joins me again to share our stories on our successes and failures in applying this principle in real life. We never know where one of these conversations is going to take us. We both had a number of insights as we worked through several of our own situations, especially one we debriefed at the end of this podcast. 

If you have been trying to assume positive intent and found it more difficult than you expected, listening to this conversation will be worth your time. Not only will you give yourself a break – because it’s harder than it looks – you will come away with a few tactics that make it just a little easier to get curious instead of defensive.  

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