Lynn Carnes

Coercion or Connection

There’s a story about the way elephants are tethered when in human captivity. A simple chain or rope around one leg is tied to something that does not match the strength of the adult elephant. If he chooses, he could easily break the tie and be free. However, when he was a young elephant, he learned that it was useless to fight such restraint. By the time he’s grown up, he remembers not his strength, but the uselessness of the fight.

Eliminating Interference

Imagine for a moment being composed and unflappable in the face of every behavior that might set you off. Getting fired. Being discriminated against. Told you are a failure. Not being allowed to speak. Expected to follow the pecking order. Expected to comply while your boss loses his composure in dramatic and threatening ways. Any one of these acts would interfere with most people’s best version of themselves. Yet Elizabeth Zott keeps her composure as her boss’s frustration escalates, offering a clear picture of what being unflappable really looks like.

The Art of Practice

We went snow skiing in Utah last week, just as the state was getting slammed by a major snowstorm. For most skiers, fresh snowfall implies a powder day, the dreamiest of ski conditions. For me, it caused me to reflect on my skills and willingness to brave the mountain as a skier who has had minimal opportunities to practice.

Energizers, De-energizers and Capacity

Over the last week, I’ve been doing my “prior year review”, as I mentioned in my email on Friday. What a clarifying exercise it has been! In no particular order, I will start with some of the insights I’ve gleaned. Maybe the most important was this: My energizers far outweigh my de-energizers. Yes, I had

A Year End Review

Well, here we are again. It’s the end of the year and everyone is talking about New Year’s Resolutions. If deciding to do something different changed things, I would be all for it. But think about it. How well does the annual New Year resolution process work? If the empty gyms at the end of

Another Kind of Listening

We had a weather warn day here in the mountains of North Carolina this week. Actually, we had three of them. The weather forecasters at our local station started informing us that a massive storm was coming and that initially we would have rain and then we would have extreme wind, along with falling trees