Lynn Carnes

Living in the Land of the Imperfect

When I was in midst of editing Dancing the Tightrope, someone told me to hang on to the many stories that were landing on the cutting room floor. “Just because it didn’t belong in the book doesn’t mean it’s not a story worth telling,” they said. The following story is one of those that didn’t […]

Learning at the Speed of Light

Searching through my blogs last week for a post on resistance, I ran across one I wrote 18 months prior to the horseback riding accident that set me on a journey of a whole new understanding about operating effectively under pressure. Reading this piece was almost eerie. It was a little bit like entering another […]

Executive Presence

“Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Stand your sacred ground.” Brené Brown One of the most common requests I get as an executive coach is this: How do I develop “executive presence?” It’s one of the most elusive traits we can choose to develop. The distinctions are subtle. What one person calls gravitas, another might call arrogance. The difference […]

Rough Waters Make Good Sailors: 3 Years Later

Three years ago, I posted this blog as we entered into a new reality called COVID 19. At the time, we could have no idea what was ahead, whether the next 3 weeks, months or years. Looking back, I can see many things that were not nearly as bad as I feared at the time. […]