#46: Lee McLean: The Balancing Act Between Discipline and Feel

I’m continuing my podcast series on my book Dancing the Tightrope with Lee McLean, Author and  Horsewoman of Keystone Equine in Alberta, Canada. Lee is an incredible writer. She is one of those rare people who knows how to use Facebook to share her messages about horses. She is also a balanced thinker, and that’s what made me ask her on the podcast. Well, actually, it started when I read a post that beautifully described one of the many balancing acts with training horses. She agreed to allow me to include that post in my book – and because of that, I had to have her on the podcast. You are going to be so glad I did.  

If you are a horse person, or a leader, you are going to want to listen to this podcast. Lee’s wisdom goes far beyond the barn. Better yet, she has her own book coming out about the same time as mine! According to her publisher, Red Barn Books, Love and Rules, Life Lessons Learned With Horses is a new collection of essays that covers the spectrum of love, fear, winning, loss, ageing, growth, illness and recovery — all through the medium of horsemanship. The book is now available for pre-order and will ship mid-November of 2022.  

Her book is a collection of essays, and if her daily musings on Facebook are any indication, the book will enlighten, humor and “courage” you. If my use of the word courage as a verb caught your attention, it will make more sense when you read Dancing the Tightrope. Lee McLean knows a thing or two about courage, as you will hear in the conversation.  

So who is Lee MeLean? Per the publisher’s website: A stroke survivor, horse trainer, and best-selling author, Lee McLean has over 40,000 followers on Facebook, a national magazine column, and she appears at events from small-town horse shows to sidesaddle racing at the Calgary Stampede.

Outline for Episode

·      What falling off a horse taught me.0:02

·      How to find the signal in the noise of social media. 4:35

·      We compare ourselves so easily and unconsciously with the people who have dedicated their entire lives to perfecting this thing. 12:13

·      What should you look for in a coach? 17:56

·      The importance of finding the right horse. 23:07

·      Horses are not known for strong decision-making skills. 29:51

·      The importance of learning how to handle pressure. 37:34

·      We would rather not do something wrong than do something wrongly. 41:54

·      We all need to plan for the day when our horses won’t suffer anymore. 47:45

·      What doesn’t matter anymore. 55:24

·      The book is written for people who are not afraid to speak their truth. 1:01:43

·      How do I cope with this? 

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