#57 Judith Manriquez: Dancing with the Essence of the Moment

It’s time for a new podcast! My guest for this episode is Judith Manriquez. We had a memorable conversation with tremendous depth.

One of my favorite things about doing this podcast is how it gives me the opportunity to meet new people, from networks I would otherwise not be part of. Judith is one of those people I met through podcast guest Hannah Pasquinzo. This conversation came at exactly the right time for me. Judith challenged me in this conversation to think differently, and immediately I experienced her gift as a business mentor. She has a way of seeing possibilities that opens the door to whole new realities. It truly is mind boggling how our own belief systems can warp our perspective. It’s incredibly helpful to have someone who can gently help us see things differently. My guess is that anyone listening to this podcast will take away a new way of seeing something.  I know I did.

Here's how Judith describes herself:  

Judith Manriquez is a spiritual business mentor and visionary intuitive to intuitive women leaders who are ready to show up in their full power and gifts.  

With over two decades of experience in business and intuition, she’s supported hundreds of women with leadership development, business and soul mastery, and the refinement of their soul gifts through personalized 1:1 mentoring, advising and consulting.  

She’s a claircognizant empath with a Master's in Public Affairs and an entrepreneurial heart, who has worked for a mayor, the chairwoman of a major state agency, non-profits, and corporate businesses as well as healers, coaches, energy workers, lightworkers and hundreds of entrepreneurial women changing the world. She also founded a successful branding, marketing, and web-development firm during the dot com era. For the last 15 years she has run her own consultancy.  

When she isn’t playing with, and in, others’ businesses, she spends time with her two college-aged boys and teen girl, and visiting new places across the globe.


  • How do you have a connected conversation that flows? 2:36
  • How do you balance the difference between being present to whatever is happening at the moment and reaching a larger purpose? 9:25
  • The intellectual path and the emotional path. 13:08
  • When you’re running your life vs. running your business. 16:56
  • How to shift what you’re seeing on the most painful day. 21:41
  • We live in a world that wants us to stay in the victim mindset. 26:48
  • How to use pressure to create the catalyst to your growth. 30:11
  • If you make money, your god will happily make you its slave -. 37:09
  • Imagine if corporations hired specific intuitives as communicators and sensors for the work that they do? 41:37
  • There’s a big difference between true intuition and a lot of judgment. 44:53
  • How to bring in the human inner work that influences our outer life into your business. 50:32
  • The third piece of guidance. 55:53
  • How to get rid of the judgmental vibrations. 59:59
  • If you can give yourself permission to imagine how many other possibilities could be true, you’ll be more likely to find them. 1:03:40
  • Do you ever mentor other groups? 1:09:15
  • Teaching in a group vs. teaching in a video. 1:13:27
  • What’s the value of marketing? 1:16:55
  • What is Multi-Dimensional? 1:32:08

Guest Contact Information

Website: judithmanriquez.com

Instagram: @judithamanriquez

LinkedIn: judithmanriquez