#68: Kansas Carradine: Heart-Based Horsemanship

Kansas Carradine is my guest for this next episode of the Creative Spirits Unleashed Podcast. We started differently than I normally do. Before we started to record, Kansas, a HeartMath certified trainer, had us go through a three-part heart lock-in that shifted the energy as we started.

I saw something similar when Andrew Huberman and Rick Rubin did a podcast where they started with something similar to create a sort of heart coherence. It shifted their voices, and I realized it did the same thing for us in this podcast. I'll be curious to hear if people notice the difference.

With our focus on heart focus, breathing, and so forth, we very quickly started talking about the things that help us become excellent. The interesting distinction is when perfectionism overtakes our striving for excellence. Kansas spends a good part of her life performing under pressure, a topic we frequently talk about on this podcast. Watching Kansas tricking riding, or roman riding, or even using her trick rope is like watching poetry in motion. She’s relaxed and focused. She talks about what it takes to get there in this conversation. She has learned so much over the years about how to be in the mindset to look for the best possible outcome in a performance.

I’m a huge fan of the show “Heartland”, and she did some stunt riding for the series, which was thrilling to me. She was also in the movie Hidalgo, and much more, which you can see here in her biography:

Kansas Carradine is a globally acclaimed professional horsewoman with a lifelong dedication to her craft. Since she was 11 years old, she has entertained audiences around the world, demonstrating her exceptional talents as a trick rider, roman rider, and lasso artist.

Some of her performance credits include Hidalgo, Heartland, the World Equestrian Games, Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, National Finals Rodeo, appearances on MTV, ESPN, CBS, Equitana, Cheval Passion and Equifest. She has been featured in publications such as Sports Illustrated, Western Horseman, Cowboy & Indians, and the LA Times. With Cavalia, she toured over five continents as a featured soloist, roper, rider, and trainer.

Kansas is a HeartMath Certified Trainer and SkyHorse Equine Guided Educator and incorporates her unique skills into her training and coaching; bridging science, spirituality, horsemanship and heart. Through her workshops and teachings, she helps individuals activate their own heart intelligence for improved emotional self-regulation, self-confidence, health, connection, and performance.

Following the wisdom and power of her heart, Kansas has made a positive impact through her service work with G20/C20 Presidency in India as Project Manager for the Fyera Foundation, as well as outreach in indigenous communities and fundraising for the Humane Society, Equestrian Aid Foundation, Wild Beauty Foundation, Compton Cowboys, and Embracing the World Charities.

Additional topics:

  • Balancing work and life with a Heart Math certified trainer. (0:02)
  • Striving for excellence vs. perfectionism in personal growth and performance. (4:22)
  • Cultivating ease and resilience in high-pressure situations. (8:15)
  • Personal growth through challenges and pressure. (14:00)
  • Balancing pressure and force in horse training. (18:45)
  • Using Heartmath techniques to manage emotions and communicate effectively. (24:48)
  • Pressure, performance, and forgetting skills in high-pressure situations. (31:44)
  • Mindfulness, self-awareness, and compassion in horse training. (38:13)
  • Compassion, self-awareness, and personal growth. (42:48)
  • Personal growth, emotional intelligence, and self-defense. (51:29)
  • Balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system for optimal performance. (55:17)
  • Gaucho Derby, a 500km horse race in Argentina. (59:11)
  • Horseback riding and ancient civilization. (1:03:21)
  • Preparation for a horseback endurance race in Argentina. (1:09:56)
  • Personal growth and leadership through equine therapy. (1:15:47)
  • Spirituality, facilitation, and TV show connections. (1:20:06)
  • Acting, horses, and personal experiences. (1:24:18)
  • Equestrian sports and martial arts. (1:28:49)
  • Building confidence through horse riding exercises. (1:34:32)
  • Trust, communication, and versatility in horse riding. (1:38:47)
  • Animal communication and heart resonance. (1:44:33)
  • Compassion and connection in a Zoom class. (1:49:11)
  • Heart-based healing and global coherence. (1:52:43)

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