#69 Julie Ripley: Self-Connection, Boundaries, and Getting Unstuck

My guest for this episode is Julie Ripley, who specializes in helping people regain their connection with self. She was also the Chief Financial Officer of a company in her mid-30’s when she realized that she was burned out. Given my own experience of near-burnout in my mid 30’s, you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about. If I had to characterize this conversation, I would say it’s about distinctions. For example, the distinction between power and force. Also the distinction between sleep and rest. The distinction between the embodiment of wisdom versus just knowing information. 

This is a conversation for anyone who is looking for meaning, or looking for ways to get past being stuck. 

Here’s what Julie says about herself:

Julie is a personal development coach specializing in self-connection, boundaries, and communication. She is a speaker and has authored her own coaching programs; pulling together her experience of burning out in a CFO position, all the lessons she has learned from riding horses, and her lifelong study of personal growth and spiritual development. She specializes in helping high-achieving successful people, who are feeling stuck, make their next move.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Julie Ripley.

Additional Topics:

  • Self-connection, boundaries, and getting unstuck. (0:02)
  • Burnout and career change. (2:00)
  • Self-doubt and overwork in a fast-paced environment. (9:29)
  • Communication and collaboration in a toxic work environment. (14:24)
  • Leadership, collaboration, and communication. (20:48)
  • Leadership, communication, and success. (27:14)
  • Social media, anonymity, and personal growth. (33:22)
  • Understanding client needs for business success. (39:23)
  • Business growth and relationships. (43:23)
  • Personal needs and recovery. (47:55)
  • Nature, conservation, and human connection. (52:27)
  • Rest and recovery for mental and physical well-being. (58:08)
  • Personal development and self-improvement. (1:03:58)
  • Personal growth, hoarding, and letting go. (1:09:14)
  • Spirituality, healing, and personal growth. (1:15:43)
  • Energy healing, spiritual growth, and horse riding. (1:21:14)
  • Horse riding, nervous systems, and personal growth. (1:28:39)
  • Energy, patterns, and authenticity. (1:35:41)
  • Unlocking inner creativity and emotional healing through bodywork and coaching. (1:41:54)
  • Finding inner peace and leaving a burned-out career. (1:46:10)
  • Self-awareness and coaching with Lynn and Julie. (1:51:28)

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