#72 Laurie Kaplan: Journey Through the Gaucho Derby

My guest for this episode of the Creative Spirits Unleashed podcast is Laurie Kaplan. I reached out to Laurie to be on the podcast after hearing her talk about her experience of the Gaucho Derby on the Greg and Dan Show in Peoria Illinois. The Gaucho Derby is a 500 km adventure race through Patagonia, and it’s billed as the world’s toughest horse race. That’s an understatement. Three of my former podcast guests were involved in the Derby, Kansas Carradine, Stevie Delahunt and Warwick Schiller, so I was paying attention to their adventures as well. In this podcast, Laurie shares her epic moments. Some were high notes and there were plenty of low notes as well. As we spoke, it’s almost as if she were reliving many of the moments, which you will hear. Listen to the whole thing, because at the end, you will hear how she puts it all together, when I ask her: What would the Laurie of today tell the Laurie that decided in August 2022 to do the race. Her answer moved me to tears.  

Here's what Laurie has to say about herself:  

Laurie is a free spirit who seeks living at a deeper level in the many things that she pursues. Whether it is raising her 2 boys who are both successfully off at university, riding horses, caring for her farm, rocking out on her drums and guiding others to their epigenetically best life. She recently experienced the Gaucho Derby in Patagonia, Argentina and is still processing the profound expansion this is opening for her.

I hope you enjoy this podcast with Laurie Kaplan and as always, please share this episode with your colleagues and friends. 

Additional Topics

  • The Gaucho Derby adventure race in Patagonia with Laurie Kaplan. (0:02)
  • Endurance horse race in Patagonia with challenging terrain and limited gear. (3:30)
  • Carrying personal items during a horseback ride. (9:59)
  • Mental preparation and overcoming obstacles in a horse race. (17:21)
  • Adventure vs. competitor in horse race. (23:48)
  • Horseback riding adventure with injuries and lessons learned. (29:35)
  • Trust, balance, and galloping in horse riding. (35:21)
  • Horseback riding adventure with highs and lows. (40:19)
  • Overcoming self-criticism and focusing on progress. (46:24)
  • Overcoming burnout and building mental strength. (51:43)
  • Hormones, burnout, and epigenetics in a horseback riding adventure. (1:00:22)
  • Outdoor adventures, hiking, and bathroom experiences. (1:08:09)
  • Visualization and manifestation in a horse riding competition. (1:14:04)
  • Dealing with disappointment after not completing a big goal. (1:20:09)
  • Self-discovery and horse riding. (1:25:52)
  • Epigenetics, genetic testing, and personalized health plans. (1:31:30)
  • Epigenetics, mindset, and adventure with Laurie Kaplan. (1:38:11)

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