A Shift in Perception

Scrolling through Facebook this week, a post stopped me in my tracks. My friend and executive coach Shushan Aleaqui shared this from Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief.

If you could describe Shushan’s work in a nutshell, it’s this. She helps her clients rewrite the beliefs that hold them back.

So, what stopped me when I saw this picture? Was it that I had just been walking through the clover at Mystic Waters, thrilled that it was filled with bees? Was it that I just picked up some delicious honey at the store down the street? Was it that I had just given the evil eye at the paper wasp building a nest at an inopportune location?

I would say yes to all of that – and more. Everything we experience comes through our perceptions. Having written a book about assuming positive intent, I’m finding my perceptions challenged daily – because I am holding myself to a very high standard and I still have a lot to learn. I don’t always see the honey.

The Elegant Pivot is really about choosing our perceptions. First, we have to see that we actually have a choice. Then we can make a choice.