Addiction-The Good Kind

It started at dinner with eight of us discussing stories of fixing a starter relay, or how we always make sure we have an extra impeller in the boathouse, or sharing challenges we have had trailering our boats.  Eight WOMEN talking about the normal things that happen when water skiing is your addiction. It’s Women’s Week at Coble Ski School, and a total of 13 of us are here for the seventh year in a row, encouraging each other to push our limits, overcome fear and yes, feed our addiction.

After the first morning, we already have some sore muscles, at least one broken blister, and a few breakthroughs. Connections are being made with each other, with new concepts, and between life and water skiing. Yes, we are talking about skiing.  We are also talking about next chapters in life – what does one do when you lose a son to a tragic accident? What is possible after you sell your business? And the big question that skiers always come back to:

Where can one live a good life – near a ski lake?

Whether we voice it or not, we are also aware that how we do anything is how we do everything. When we talk about fear of going over the wake, we are also talking about that dread of starting a new chapter in life. We recognize that fear is the very thing that makes things bumpy.  When we talk about our discouragement over not skiing as well as we know we can, we are also reflecting on life’s disappointments. When we call on our strength to finally run that full pass, it comes from the same deep well that has shaped us through birthing babies, supporting families, starting businesses, taking care of parents, and somehow claiming our right to capture joy on the water. Most importantly, we are carving out deep and lasting friendships made from inspiration, deep conversations and light hearted silliness. We as thrilled for a friend’s new personal best as we are for our own.

It’s early in the week and so much is yet to come. One thing is for sure.

The ski addicts will hit the water tomorrow!

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