Anne Bartolucci: Let Go of Perfectionism and Sleep Better

Anne Bartolucci is my guest for this next episode of the Creative Spirits Unleashed Podcast. She's the author of a book called, "Better Sleep for the Overachiever."

Our conversation touched on lots of the parts of that book title. We talked about sleep, but the more prominent theme was what it means to be an overachiever. I count myself as an overachiever. I've been that way my entire life. You'll find in this conversation Anne is as well.

We are both a couple of “experts” talking about what it is to be an overachiever, along with the benefits and costs of having that personality type. One of the costs, of course, is lack of sleep. But the other thing we do as overachievers is to be hard on ourselves. We are perfectionists; we fear failure, we like to get everything right, and we hate making mistakes.

Throughout this conversation, we had a vibrant discussion about what to do about those mindsets and how to make things a little better for ourselves.

Here’s more about Anne:

Anne Bartolucci, Ph.D., D.B.S.M. is a licensed psychologist, certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist, and professional speaker who has taught workshops and classes for several writing, medical, and psychological organizations. She is a USA Today bestselling author with over twenty novels and novellas in print under her pen name Cecilia Dominic and two nonfiction books including Better Sleep for the Overachiever (2020; AIBHS) as herself. Recently, she combined her loves of writing, sleep, and psychology in her new online teaching and coaching venture, Psych Up Academy: Compassionate, Psychology-Based Solutions to Get Out of Your Own Way, Work with Your Brain, and Live Your Dreams.
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  • What made you choose sleep as a career? (1:54)
  • Sightseeing and ear training. (10:34)
  • What is a proving mindset? (16:04)
  • How do you break the emotion away from the thoughts? (21:34)
  • The key to helping overachievers let go. (25:09)
  • It's never too late. (29:50)
  • The fear of failure. (36:43)
  • The difference between improving mindset vs. proving mindset. (40:40)
  • What happens when you get through the first 30 seconds? (46:42)
  • The shadow self and the principle of life. (53:15)
  • How to let go of perfectionism. (57:41)
  • What Is Psychopath Academy? (1:02:51)
  • How to encourage people to take advantage of courses. (1:06:42)
  • How do you get out of your own way?

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