Episode 3: Bruce Anderson

If you have pressure in your life, Bruce Anderson has a message for you: Pressure can help you become more of who YOU really are. But first, you will have to give up perfection. Bruce is the founder of Nature’s View and he calls his work “Natural Humanship”. On the surface, Bruce looks like a “horse-whisperer” and I found him through a friend in the horse world. But it’s his work with people working with horses that I find unique. Bruce’s method uses the pressure created by the horse to rewrite our scripts on how we deal with all pressure. It’s life changing stuff! In this podcast, we not only talk about his method, we actually use it when we have a huge distraction less than 10 minutes into our conversation. This conversation gets really deep into what makes us act the way we do as humans, how we can change it for the better and how horses can help us save the planet.

Find Bruce Anderson at http://www.naturesview.us/

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