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What do They Hear You Saying

One of the conversations I find myself in a lot these days involves a client asking me how to get people to change. Makes sense – a lot of my clients are in businesses that are constantly having to respond to new competition, new market conditions or little things like a new virus that spread […]

A Shift in Perception

Scrolling through Facebook this week, a post stopped me in my tracks. My friend and executive coach Shushan Aleaqui shared this from Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief. If you could describe Shushan’s work in a nutshell, it’s this. She helps her clients rewrite the beliefs that hold them back. So, what stopped […]

The Froth

Control has been on my mind a lot this week – especially my need to control the things that are really outside of my control. Notice how I used the word “need” there? I should have replaced it with the word “fear.” Words matter. My need to control is really about avoiding mistakes – or […]

Thank You for Twenty Years

A lot was happening twenty years ago. In quick succession, I got a huge phone call, went to my first High Impact Leadership (HILS) program (where I made a bunch of decisions about how I wanted to live the rest of my life), officially started construction on our house in Lake Lure…and…drumroll please…started my business. […]

My Biggest Fear in Publishing My Book

For the last several days, I’ve been living in DetailLand. Unlike DisneyLand, where everything is fun and thrilling, DetailLand is more like my own personal hell. Nothing fun and thrilling about having to read my book for the fiftieth time – checking every single word to make sure each period, space, spelling, comma, verb tense, […]

What’s Surfing Got To Do With It

Originally published on Linkedin September 2019 Pressure. It’s a fact of life and it can either make you better or it can crush you. In the corporate world, being great under pressure is often called “Executive Presence.” Executive presence is one of those hard to define things, kind of like these other difficult-to-define words: Success. Happiness. […]

The Water Got In

The cold showers got to me this week. It’s mid-February, so freezing water coming out of the tap is to be expected. Let me tell you, the water is really, really cold right now. However, this week was almost unbearable in a way that taking cold showers had never been unbearable before. Something else was […]

Pick a side…or not

Several years ago, someone wrote a comment on one of my Linkedin posts that made a strong point and then said “So which side is it Lynn? You have a to pick a side.” I don’t even remember the issue. What I do remember was that the comment annoyed me. It wasn’t an either/or issue. […]

The Unspeakable Word

Originally Posted August 2017 I use the f-word pretty freely now, although there was a time in my corporate life when I discovered that the f-word must not be uttered out loud. It happened in a project meeting. In the back of my mind I had recently joined a club. The name of my imaginary […]

What’s Next

As we come up to the end of one of the weirdest years ever, I’ve been reflecting on the good, the bad and ugly of the year.

Back in March, I wrote a post called Rough Waters Make Good Sailors. We were such innocents in March. This new thing call a pandemic was just beginning. We were going into shutdowns that were believed to solve the problem if only we would shelter in place for a few weeks. Surely this would all be over by summer, right?

As I watched all kinds of fun plans melt off of my calendar, I wondered what I could still do. In the spring, I was just taking up sculling on the lake. Would that be allowed? How about riding horses? Water skiing? Hiking?