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Fire the Sanctioner

Blog Originally Posted Nov. 2019 She said “I really can’t take time for myself until my work is done.” Even though I’ve heard similar statements before – I’ve SAID similar statements myself – this time I heard it differently. “Who says that?” I asked. After all, she is a grown ass woman who really doesn’t […]

Facing the Blank Page

It happened again. The blank sheet of beautiful, white watercolor paper stared me in the face, daring me to transform it into a masterpiece. After going to the Celebration of the Arts in Scottsdale last month, I’ve been looking forward to transitioning my art studio from the winter work of pottery to the summer work […]

Breakdown or Break it Down

A lot of my coaching conversations come around to some form of breakdown. Whether it’s a broken promise, an unexpected decision or correcting a mistake, breakdowns seem like impediments to achieving our goals. Even the word breakdown indicates a breakdown is a problem. It makes me think about being stuck on the side of the […]

Where Money Fits

NOTE: A lot of my writing energy these days is going into finishing Dancing The Tightrope. The book is coming together in its own time. This week, I’m sharing another excerpt from the book. After one of my sessions in a multi-day leadership program, one of the men in the room pulled me aside and […]

Rough Waters Make Good Sailors: 2 Years Later

Two years ago this week, we started going into the first lockdowns of the COVID 19 pandemic. In the ensuing two years, we’ve had plenty of rough waters. I’m reposting the blog I wrote then, because it seems like a good time to reflect. Where are you stronger today than you were because of the “rough […]

We Need Each Other

Last week I took my first red eye flight in over 20 years. Taking overnight flights used to be the norm when I worked in a bank with a West Coast presence. Notwithstanding the exhaustion, I would land at 6:00 am, go home to shower and change and be in the office for a full […]

After the Clarity Comes the Resistance

Originally published Jan 31 2020 When I was in high school, I created a huge “mural” in my bedroom that was at least as big as my bedroom door. On it were pictures I cut and pasted from magazines. Hundreds of pictures, all slammed together into this huge piece of paper. Seriously, there was no […]

Wanting Two Things at Once

Several years ago, I facilitated an ongoing leadership development program that had me traveling the Washington DC at least once or twice a month. I enjoyed everything about this program except the 15 pounds I gained over the 18 months of the program. What the heck?

The Magic in the Moments

We were snowed in for several days this week. When we went to bed on Saturday night, it was with the anticipation of waking up to snow.

Steady Action

I heard someone this week state “Mood follows action.” It reminded me of a saying we often used when I was leading change projects in my former life in banking: “You can’t think your way into a new way of acting. You have to act your way into a new way of thinking.”