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Another Kind of Listening

We had a weather warn day here in the mountains of North Carolina this week. Actually, we had three of them. The weather forecasters at our local station started informing us that a massive storm was coming and that initially we would have rain and then we would have extreme wind, along with falling trees […]

Courage Fuels Confidence

My pottery studio calls me during the dark nights of fall and winter. When I’m tempted to go to bed at 6:00, playing with the clay offers a productive alternative. Over the last decade, these dark nights have netted me many more pieces than I could ever use myself. My studio is full of bowls

Tis the Season for…Recovery

We are now into the season of gratitude, cheer, love and…exhaustion. While this time of year can fill us with joy and connection, it can also wear us out. It’s easy to forget our own needs while we welcome friends and family to our table, look for the perfect gift and eat the fun foods

Generosity of Spirit

This last Sunday morning, I “signed my talk.” You might remember from last week’s Coaching Digest that I said: “When I get up on the stage on Sunday morning in San Antonio, I will be “signing” my talk. It will be recorded, and in that way, frozen in time. That’s the best it can be

It’s the Little Things

One morning this week, I was up early enough to catch Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches on my local PBS station. Nostalgia washed over me. When we first moved to Lake Lure 22 years ago, we lived in the original house while building our new house. This was a small house, with just enough room on the

The Worst that Can Happen is Not Life or Death

When I asked Warwick Schiller to be on my podcast in May of 2020, I fully expected him to either ignore the request or say no. Instead, he responded within minutes with “Yes, I would love to.” Let me back up for a minute to provide some context. I started my podcast earlier in the year, and

Faking Calm Under Pressure

Over my career, one of the skills I most wanted to develop was the ability to be calm under pressure. I’m not alone in that quest. When I ask people in the leadership programs I teach how important being calm under pressure is, at least 80% say it is critically important. For the people I

Finding Balance in Assessing Risk

Last weekend, I went to Tryon International Equestrian Center to watch horses jump on the cross-country course. If you haven’t seen this event (which, ironically, is one of 3 disciplines in a sport called “Eventing”), it’s absolutely incredible that a horse and rider can get over these huge jumps together. On one of the jumps,

Something Better than Control

Here’s a question: What would happen for you if change came easier? Take a moment and really think about that question. Where would you like to change something in your professional life, perhaps such as doing more of the work that makes your heart sing? Maybe something in athletics, creativity, or other endeavors? Have you

Reading List of 2023

In the last Coaching Digest, I started a new feature called Favorite of the Week, highlighting a favorite podcast, book, or article. As I was considering what to focus on this week, I realized that it’s a good time to share a reading list. I love reading other people’s lists. That’s how I find many