Episode 9: Chelsea Mills

When Chelsea Mills decided to take up tournament water skiing in her 20’s, most people would have said she was a decade too late. She is now ranked number 8 in the world and still improving. She is also a high level tennis coach. Her window into the world of elite sports has given her some powerful insights into the difference mindset can make. She shares many of her insights with us in this episode.


My true passion is helping athletes reach their true potential; what has been there all along, realized through a systematic approach using sports as the vehicle to build virtue. My athletes work on becoming the total package; working on areas in self-knowledge, goal setting, mental toughness, motivation, present moment, relaxing under pressure, confidence, aggressiveness, leadership, and team building. Proven fundamentals of proper mindset are made highly individualistic, and that’s where the fun part begins. My greatest joy is an athletes self-discovery of transferable skills between sport, and life. 

Mindset Coach at Winning Mindset- the leading Sports Specific Mindset Training in the Country 

Former Division 1 Tennis Player at Bucknell University 
Former Collegiate Tennis Coach at Tufts University and UNC Charlotte 
USPTA Elite Professional  
USTA National Campus Coach 
#8 in the World in Elite Standings for Slalom Water skiing and multi time National Champion 

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Key topics:

  • Mindset as the total package – multiple components
  • Self knowledge where am I at right now? 
  • Clarity, focus, relaxing under pressure, confidence, motivation, aggressiveness, ability to pull the trigger, goal setting 
  • Making the distinction between the journey and the end goal 
  • A common misperception between great professional athletes and those striving to be about who gets nervous 
  • Developing mindset is strength training for the mind 
  • We don’t leave our physical training to chance – why leave mindset to chance? 
  • Knowing the steps to get into the “zone” more often 
  • Channeling flight or fight mode to enhance performance 
  • Why it’s better not to ready state in a performance too early 
  • The ongoing training to stay in the present moment 
  • Preparation rituals for big performances 
  • Developing a core confidence that transcends performance 
  • The value of being in service to others 
  • The principle of giving away the thing you lack 
  • Developing self awareness – the value of having a someone show you your greatness 
  • Animating big goals with purpose 
  • “I’m going to win or I’m going to learn. Usually when I win, I don’t learn.” 
  • The choice to have a learning mindset 
  • The elements to create real change 
  • People “know” what to do – accountability strengthens it 
  • The value of choice in going through the ups and downs in achieving a goal 
  • Choosing growth or not when down time is available 
  • What happens when you are doing things for all the wrong reasons 
  • How to tap into your deepest gifts and desires 
  • How failure brought Chelsea from a beginner to being ranked number 8 in the world 
  • The value of having committed people help and loving the sport 
  • Getting over the fear of falling and the fear of failure 
  • The value of knowing your keys to performance 
  • ​Becoming self-correcting and eventually self generating 
  • The skills we build are ours for life 
  • Recognize that all athletes work on their mindset 
  • ​Needing a mindset coach does not indicate you have a problem 
  • ​“If working on mindset was only for athletes that had a problem, then why do all the professional athletes have mindset coaches?” 

 How to find out more on Chelsea Mills

Website: https://www.zwinningmindset.com/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheltenniski/ 
Email: cheltenniski@gmail.com 
Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/chelsea-mills-ab69182b/ 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/chelsea.mills.900 
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