Episode #18: Dwayne Hildreth, Coming to Center

After a 30 year career at Nike, Dwayne Hildreth is exploring new territory with horses and music – and when he does something, he goes all out. He had visions of riding off into the sunset on his shiny new Palomino, only to discover that horse ownership, like almost any endeavor, involves a lot more than meets the eye. Nonetheless, he and his two horses are competing – and winning – in the Reined Cow Horse discipline, one of the most extreme of the horse sports. Yet this cowboy also writes and arranges music. His heart comes through in both. If there is any lesson in this podcast, it’s this: the sooner you find your heart, the more you will come to center.  

Dwayne Hildreth calls himself a Creator, Composer, Storyteller, Quarter Horse Lover, Eternally Grateful. He has a gift for telling stories through the lens of music and imagery, creating platforms that move, inspire and connect us. His passion for music and nature serves as the motivating catalyst for his art, which he believes is the universal language that binds humanity.   

As a child, he also loved horses. “I’d stare out the window of my dad’s car as we’d head out on weekend trips, often imagining myself galloping across pastures on my trusty steed…I remember thinking one day, this will be my reality”. Fast forward many years later and he is realizing his childhood dream. Now the owner of two performance quarter horses, Chance and Jagger and a recently purchased piece of land in the heart of Texas horse country, he can see his vision coming to life.  

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