Episode # 20: Nahshon Cook on Love, Forgiveness, Healing and Communication

“Freedom comes from eliminating everything that doesn’t evolve you.” Nahshon Cook 

I simply cannot wait for you to listen to Episode 20 with Nahshon Cook. When I went back through to listen to what we talked about, I couldn’t believe the places we took this conversation. There were so many collectible quotes, like the one above, and this one:

“The more you eliminate the need for control, the more you are open to communication.” 

I met Nahshon indirectly via Warwick Schiller’s podcast, where he was a guest in the fall. That interview blew me away – and it also blew away Warwick, who you might remember from the podcast we did in May. Then I shared one of his writings on my Facebook page and he reached out to thank me for sharing it. Next thing you know, here he is – on my podcast!

If you have ever heard the phrase “wise beyond his years”, you are about to experience that. We barely talk about horses – although his love for horses is behind everything he says. We mostly cover fear, the need to control, what forgiveness means and so much more.

We started this conversation with me asking him how he connects pain as a gift – and his answer set the stage for going deep fast. After that, we were off and running. There’s no way I can do his words of wisdom justice. You will just have to listen for yourself.

His bio says this: Nahshon Cook’s heart is for horses. He is a first generation horseman and classical dressage trainer from inner-city Denver who has coached, competed and trained internationally in jumping and dressage. His current training interests lay in rehabilitating inconvenient horses with major mental, physical and emotional training related trauma. His lives and works on his family’s farm in Parker, Colorado.

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