Episode #31 Diane Osgood: Finding Choice in what We Buy and How We Buy

Diane Osgood has practical ways to help us to help ourselves to help the Earth. Her real passion is finding choice in what we buy and how we choose to buy, so that we don’t destroy the planet we live on.  

In this next episode on the Creative Spirits Unleashed Podcast with Diane, we started with her role in working with Richard Branson, who has been in the news lately thanks to the Virgin Galactic space flight. She has in interesting take on what drives him to make space flight available.  

We had several themes in this conversation, which revolved around her passion for the planet. One theme was choice, and showing all of us how much choice we have. Another was around animals, and especially sea life. She has a clear affinity for dolphins, whales, and so forth. She also deeply understands what it takes to get behind the story on where the products that make modern life possible come from.  

Here’s what she has to say about herself:   

Diane Osgood is an authority on sustainable and ethical products. For over thirty years, she’s helped companies innovate to manufacture and sell sustainable stuff that’s better for the planet. She knows the tricks, tips, and strategies that can help shoppers align the contents of their shopping basket with what matters most to them.  

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