Episode #32 Kira Higgs: Peace of Mind When You Have No Control

My guest for this episode is Kira Higgs, author, facilitator, strategist. If you have ever had something happen to you that made you feel out of control, you need to listen to this conversation. We started with a serious bicycle accident that Kira many years ago that was one of those life defining moments. Listen to how she made choices to navigate through her recovery. It’s a masterclass in wisdom about what we can change and what we cannot change. 

The whole conversation is a masterclass – about her wisdom in facilitation, calling out what she sees and helping others get clarity on their thinking. You can’t help but get clarity for yourself in this conversation. 

Here’s a little about Kira. Kira has been a leader of leaders since the early days of her career. She guides innovative thinking during strategy development, leaning heavily into principles of structural dynamics. As a certified Structural Consultant, Kira unlocks the ideas and vision of her clients to construct clear paths forward. 

I believe this conversation will help you in your path forward. Enjoy this conversation with Kira Higgs. 


  • Adversity: Platform to make yourself stronger 
  • Working with what is there and the things that are happening in the moment 
  • A bike accident leading to a deep journey of vulnerability 
  • Created a personal cultural shift and opened doors into places otherwise would not have gone 
  • The tragedy was the tragedy, and it was awful, what came of the tragedy was the amazing journey of allowing others to help.  
  • From having to sit and allow emerges a frequently used tool of reflecting vs. guiding/steering conversations when the direction is unclear. 
  • Seeing the unseen is a learnable skill although challenging.  
  • Robert Fritz asking people to pay attention to the negative space. What is missing, implied, etc.  
  • Assuming positive intent is the gateway to curiosity.  
  • Human mind does not like gaps and will attempt to fill in the gaps 
  • What keeps someone from doing “X”? 
  • Do we really know what we want? 
  • Attachment and Self-Expression 
  • Clarity on choices and how we sometimes can think we do not have a choice, but we really do and what are the choices we have.  
  • The modern world has taken away from many of our natural instincts.  
  • It is a beautiful thing to have running water, electricity, modern conveniences to not be taken for granted.  
  • What do we really need to live? 
  • So much energy is dedicated to upholding a lifestyle that they may not even want.  
  • The situation will tell us what to do, when to do, and how to do. 
  • A great feeling when people can take a deep breath and are able to name the feelings they are experiencing.  
  • Our culture has this mode of control and discovering the places where we do not have control can be a little disconcerting, but we do not have as much control as we think we do.  
  • We are the sum of the five people closest to us.  
  • Akimbo workshops and Writing in Community 
  • Self-Directed Education 

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Kira’s book slated to come out 2022. If you want to sign up to get excerpts and learn more, you can go to her website https://kirahiggs.com/the-book 

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Website: kirahiggs.com