Episode #34 Kendall Lyman: Mining for Conflict

Conflict is necessary for true change. Wait – did I just say that? Does the idea of conflict make you cringe? Come be a fly on the wall in my conversation with Kendall Lyman of The Highlands Group. We started this conversation talking about “mining for conflict” when leading change and this conversation took off from there.

Kendall is the co - author of the book Change the Way You Change 5 Roles of Leaders Who Accelerate Business Performance. We had a wide-ranging conversation on why change is so difficult and why leading change is even harder. Kendall has had a lifetime of experiences to inform his approach, and it’s clear in this conversation that he is someone who learns and re-learns from his experiences. He’s also quite gifted at sharing his perspectives, as you will hear in this conversation.

Kendall is the founder of The Highlands Group. —a consulting firm specializing in strategy, organizational change, and leadership development. Kendall has been blessed to consult with a wide array of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to small and midsize firms. He has worked across diverse industries such as oil and gas, lodging, government, and manufacturing helping leaders around the world to navigate change, improve employee engagement, and transform culture.

There is so much more to Kendall than this short bio and I highly suggest you visit his website at www.highlandsgrp.com.

Additional Topics:

  • Mining for conflict in business leadership 
  • The cost of changing: Emotional cycle of change 
  • What is one thing you need to move forward? 
  • Conflict happens whether you are participating or not, so we might as well find it and look at it.  
  • Getting one “Get out of jail free” card: Overcome the unwillingness to not speak truth to power 
  • Change happens inside out, or change happens inside in. 
  • Corporate atmosphere: get on board or get out 
  • WIIFM (What’s in it for me) 
  • Dealing with the Me, We, and They issues 
  • The rule of having to hear something 7-10 times, in different ways 
  • In the absence of information, we have to assume the worst 
  • People don’t need us to solve their problems, but they do need to be seen and heard 
  • Do not take what is mine to give 

Contact Information:

Website: http://highlandsgrp.com/

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