Going with the Flow

I spent my vacation week at Coble Ski School, going with the flow with a fabulous group of women for our ninth annual Women’s Week. Why were we going with flow? Irma loomed large in the days leading up to the week. Several of us started texting and emailing each other wondering what the heck to do. Would Irma go right over the site, making it unskiable? What were the alternatives? And what about all of our friends in Florida and other places that were right in the heaviest part of the storm? Yes, we are very “addicted” skiers –but what makes us want this week together so much is the support we get from likeminded women.

That’s why going with the flow was such an important way of being for all of us this week. Going with the flow meant that we held an intention to somehow get together. Yes we might ski – but more importantly, we would carry on the joy of doing what we really do each year. We would catch up, encourage each other and somehow leave a little better than we were before. We simply had to release our expectations and take whatever came.

In the end, “whatever came” turned into one of the best weeks ever. New friendships were formed, personal bests were achieved and inspiration was found everywhere. We shared the experience of walking into a movie theater with cold, rainy, windy weather and emerging to a world that was sunny, dry and ready for us to ski.

It was just another reminder for me on the importance of being intentional while releasing expectations. It’s a fine line that opens the world up for truly achieving my dreams without feeding resentments.

How do you define the difference between intention and expectation? How do you go with the flow without simply being a leaf blowing in the wind? What are your best tips for staying present even when things are not going according to plan?

I would love to hear how you have gone with the flow!

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