Kathy Price: A Scientist Changes Her Mindset

My guest for this episode is Kathy Price. Kathy is from the United Kingdom, which you will be able to tell from her accent when you hear this conversation. She and I met last year during the Journey on Podcast Summit in San Antonio, TX.

This year, we're just coming off the second Podcast Summit in San Antonio.  As we did last year, Kathy and I connected immediately. In fact, I was so excited to get to have her on this podcast because there was so much I wanted to learn from her.

Last year, I sat with her last year in a session she did on at a breakfast meeting about the work she does, which is called Point of Balance. I was interested to learn how  someone with such a scientific background - she has a degree in Zoology – is now talking about things like energy, quantum physics, and how those fields apply to healing horses and healing humans.

This podcast gives many of those answers. Kathy is also clear that her work is that of a facilitator, and in that, she carries a strong message of empowerment. Kathy said several times that we have everything we need to be who we’re meant to be and to achieve what we’re meant to achieve, and to bring ourselves back into balance.

Here's what Kathy shared about herself:

From a very young age horses have been THE passion in Kathy’s life. Even though Kathy grew up in the suburbs of London with totally a non-horsey family, somehow the love of the horse was always the most powerful thing in her life.

Kathy comes from a scientific background gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology. Her mindset was always based on the scientific paradigm of you had to be able to “measure it, replicate it and explain it” for it to be true. If those criteria were in place, she was happy. If they weren’t, she didn’t want to know.

That was until in 2003 when with her horse Midnight she went to a horsemanship clinic with clinician Len Judd. For her this clinic was the moment of transformation, a spiritual experience that changed her life.

From that weekend forward, as she stepped into and embraced the world of energy and connection, her need for scientific explanation fell away and her mind set became, “My Experience is my Truth.”

Now after many years of studying energy, quantum physics, healing, spirituality and training in several energetic modalities, Kathy is well-established in her own, unique work which she calls Point of Balance.

Through this purely energetic work her aim is to facilitate the person or animal she is working to move back into balance at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This move back to balance not only helps them to heal themselves, but also helps them realize their unique power and potential.

Kathy knows categorically that is the horse that has not only led her to the wonderful people around her today, but also continues to lead her into deeper and deeper insights of the fundamental aspects of this World and indeed The Universe, namely that everything is energy and everything is connected.

Kathy’s work includes carrying out sessions in person and at distance with both people and animals, and she feels blessed and grateful to have clients both people and animals, all over the world.

Show Notes

  • Balancing work and life with a focus on energy and healing. (0:02)
  • The power of energy and vibration. (4:04)
  • Energy, synchronicities, and connecting with horses. (10:02)
  • Psychic phenomena and scientific skepticism. (15:39)
  • The power of belief in shaping our reality. (21:04)
  • Cancer prevention and energy consumption. (26:24)
  • Modern life's impact on resilience and immune system development. (31:55)
  • Resilience, healing, and personal growth. (36:09)
  • Manifesting through intention and gratitude. (41:45)
  • Manifesting desires through intention and gratitude. (46:21)
  • The power of intention and connection with horses. (50:18)
  • Using energy healing to help a depressed 12-year-old boy. (54:41)
  • Balancing energy and finding inner peace. (59:57)
  • Balancing and staying in the moment while water skiing. (1:04:00)
  • Staying present and finding balance in various activities. (1:08:27)
  • Empowering individuals to find their own solutions. (1:13:18)
  • Creativity, innovation, and harnessing the power of the field. (1:17:29)
  • The power of intention and self-reflection. (1:23:37)
  • Leadership, energy centers, and pre-cognition. (1:28:21)
  • Personal growth and self-awareness. (1:32:59)
  • Healing, connection, and self-awareness. (1:40:19)
  • Rewiring brains and changing habits through mindfulness. (1:45:41)

Guest Contact

Email: kath.p@btinternet.com