Episode 8: Nikki Porter

The ironic thing about developing self-awareness is that we often need others to hold up the mirror so we can see what is really true about ourselves. Nikki Porter, is the host of “Take the Reins, a weekly personal growth podcast for horse owners.” She effortlessly weaves the parallels between the relationships we have with horses and humans.
The lessons apply to how we show up as leaders, the way our energy impacts others and the value of genuine truthfulness. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation about the places we have extraordinary power over our choices, even when facing the biggest pressures and changes of our lives.
As an Equestrian Mindset coach, Nikki, illuminates those choices in ways that her clients can take responsibility for their actions and become the person they were born to be. Here’s what Nikki says about her work on her website:
I’m Nikki Porter; author, equestrian mindset coach and podcast host. I am here to help horse owners live life presently and confidently. Our work together shifts my clients from feeling disconnected, frustrated and anxious to connected, present, & confident. The work we do targets my client as a person and translates seamlessly into their work with their equine partners, allowing them to become the horseman/woman they long to be.

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Key topics:

  • Looking for the positive on the other side of the pandemic – even in the midst of fear
  • How horses reflect back our true energy, rather than the energy we are trying to present
  • The parallels in human – to – human interactions with congruent vs incongruent energy
  • When we are looking for leadership, look for leadership in the right places
  • Example: find reputable places to get information, work on current information
  • Horses want to rely on and trust the information we are giving them; otherwise they will take things into their own hands
  • Animals are afraid when we’re actually afraid and showing that we are not
  • Vulnerability creates the connection
  • Guidance on how to achieve congruence under pressure
  • The value of grounding and breathing in face of pressure and fear
  • How your focus can shift energy and keep you out of the negative and going instead to what you want
  • The value of developing your grounding and clarity under pressure
  • Learning to show others their ability to handle pressure
  • The difference in our responsibility to empower vs carry other people
  • How a political environment feels different than a supportive yet competitive environment
  • The value of training the horse’s mind – and our own minds –  and how it does not come without pressure to train the mind
  • It’s possible to get so highly tuned into a horse’s mind that physical aids are secondary
  • We put human thinking on animals rather than understanding their ability to communicate in unseen ways
  • The way our energy field can carry the static of emotions that are not useful
  • The healing power of breath
  • How changing your thoughts can change the chemistry in our bodies
  • Using HeartMath to restore your body to its congruent state – even under pressure
  • The recognition that we disempower ourselves when we lay claim to our anxious feelings – the critical use of language
  • Anxiety is “fear soup” – and you can recognize it and pivot into a new story about the feeling
  • There is NO shame in feeling the out of control sensations of anxiety – and there is a responsibility that if you don’t want to be there, release your claim on it
  • You can regain control over your mind and body – it’s a lot of work and there are people who can help you learning this
  • We can train our minds to better understand what keeps us from feeling safe and learn how to restore safety for ourselves.
  • We are connecting on a different level than before and can use the time we have at home now to learn to meditate, reflect, and appreciate the connection we have
  • This time offers a chance for more gratitude, ways to develop insight about what we like or don’t like about work and shifting to a life we might not have otherwise given ourselves
  • “If we are getting what we are asking for and still complaining – what is it that we want?”
  • We are seeing more opportunity than ever to realize the choices we have and to learn to tune into what we are here to do on this planet.

 How to find out more on Nikki Porter
Website: https://www.nikkiporter.ca/
Podcast: https://www.nikkiporter.ca/podcast  Take the Reins
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nikkiportercoaching/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikkiporterauthor/
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