Hi, I'm Lynn Carnes. My official title is Executive Coach, focusing deeply on leadership.  My unofficial title is "Professional Unleasher", focusing on unleashing YOU. If you believe you have to choose between performing under pressure and having work life balance, you might be making a false choice.  What if you need BOTH in order to get what you want?

There are two ways to approach your career

The first is to focus on proving you belong. It’s a never-ending race to the top that can cost you a good quality of life and your relationships. You may very well succeed in getting exactly what you asked for: when money, status, and achievement are your primary focus, they will make you their prisoner.

The trappings of success can keep you trapped.

The second is to become a true learner and focus on how you can constantly improve. No matter the outcome, you will consistently become stronger and better prepared for this fast-changing world.

You are going to be uncomfortable either way. The focus on proving yourself creates a hole you can never fill. The discomfort from learning feels more productive and rewarding. You might even find peace of mind.

Instead of chasing empty goals, my hope for you is a journey to unleash the true spirit within you.

Here's my story.

Fighting to make it to the top then realizing I could have a great life - TODAY


Lynn Carnes: The Delicate Art: Learn to Say "No" and Unleash Your Performance

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“Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Be CEO”

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Oct 19, 2015

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By: Jennifer Maneely Do you ever fear being judged harshly? Or do you work hard to be liked or respected? These are just a couple of lessons I learned from my experience as a Unit Manager of Waffle House. There is no doubt that the restaurant business is a hard business and Waffle House can […]

Standing Up in the Face of Dissent

By: Lynn Carnes Recently, I’ve watched a couple of true-story movies that involved pivotal and historical moments where a key person had a chance to stand up in the face of dissent. In our corporate lives, we often deal with make-or-break decisions in the face of disagreement, conflict and even bullying. What I loved about both of […]

When Your Day Gets Away From You

By: Lynn Carnes Do you ever start your day with great intentions and before 9:00 am, it’s nothing but putting out fires? Ok, don’t laugh. It might very well be every day that the distractions, texts, phone calls, and bad news seduce you away from doing the great work you had (operative word HAD here) […]

Beyond New Years Resolution

By: Lynn Carnes It’s that time of year again – when we join the gym, clean closets, start a new diet, set big goals, and make all kinds of promises to do better in the coming year. According to U. S. News, 80% of our resolutions will fail before February. Then we get to feel bad, like […]

Aren’t we the busy little beavers

There is a new four letter word in the corporate world. I hear it with virtually every client I meet with. The word? Busy Given that the tools designed to help us with our busy-ness have exploded into a huge industry, you would think we would be saying “I’m so productive.” “I’m getting more done […]

I’ve blown it –I might as well eat all the cookies

The year was 1983 and I was a baby banker working for THE bank in my hometown. About six weeks before the cookie event, our group found out we would all be getting off work early Friday to go to a “pool party” at one of the executive’s houses.  Woohoo! An afternoon off! Wait – […]