Hi, I'm Lynn Carnes. My official title is Executive Coach, focusing deeply on leadership.  My unofficial title is "Professional Unleasher", focusing on unleashing YOU. If you believe you have to choose between performing under pressure and having work life balance, you might be making a false choice.  What if you need BOTH in order to get what you want?

There are two ways to approach your career

The first is to focus on proving you belong. It’s a never-ending race to the top that can cost you a good quality of life and your relationships. You may very well succeed in getting exactly what you asked for: when money, status, and achievement are your primary focus, they will make you their prisoner.

The trappings of success can keep you trapped.

The second is to become a true learner and focus on how you can constantly improve. No matter the outcome, you will consistently become stronger and better prepared for this fast-changing world.

You are going to be uncomfortable either way. The focus on proving yourself creates a hole you can never fill. The discomfort from learning feels more productive and rewarding. You might even find peace of mind.

Instead of chasing empty goals, my hope for you is a journey to unleash the true spirit within you.

Here's my story.

Fighting to make it to the top then realizing I could have a great life - TODAY

And before you go chasing that dream to the top, download this article:

“Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Be CEO”

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Raging Bitch to Engaging Coach

Oct 19, 2015

I can still…

As we come up to the end of one of the weirdest years ever, I’ve been reflecting on the good, the bad and ugly of the year. Back in March, I wrote a post called Rough Waters Make Good Sailors. We were such innocents in March. This new thing call a pandemic was just beginning. We were going into shutdowns that were believed to solve the problem if only we would shelter in place for a few weeks. Surely this would all be over by summer, right? As I watched all kinds of fun plans melt off of my calendar, I wondered what I could still do. In the spring, I was just taking up sculling on the lake. Would that be allowed? How about riding horses? Water skiing? Hiking?

The Big Box of Memories

A few weeks ago, I made my first long trip since the virus lockdowns. It was time to sell my Dad’s prized car collection and the entire family was getting together to celebrate and commiserate. While in town, I went over to the garage where he had kept his collection. The “car shack” now houses […]

Knowledge is Free; Application Priceless

Scrolling through pictures on my phone recently, I ran across photos of a long-forgotten brainstorming session on the whiteboard in my retreat center. These words jumped out at me: Knowledge Free Application Priceless Knowing how to do something and actually doing it are worlds apart. When I watched the movie Ghost all those years ago, […]

I Just Want Peace

Note: Today I’m sharing an excerpt from a book I’m writing titled Dancing the Tightrope. My first time to have a coach happened through the back door. The company did not offer it; in this case, I had found her through a series of serendipitous events. Since I was hiring her, my interests and hers […]