The Halfway Point

We are halfway through 2019! Reaching milestones like this can make you thrilled – or set you up for dread. It all depends on how you see it.

Here’s one thing I’m sure of: in some ways you’ve done more, and other ways less than you hoped.

If by chance you HAVE done everything on your list for 2019 and are completely satisfied with your progress for the year, you can stop reading now. Or consider resetting your goals!

Chances are some things have worked and some things have not worked. If you have spent any time reading this blog, you know I strive for proficiency rather than perfection. So things not working is just fine.
The question is: what are you going to do now about your setbacks, shortfalls, and most importantly, your mindset?
If I’m not mindful, I go the “I’ve blown it” route which then leads me to give up. Every goal worth achieving will have setbacks. If you treat these “mistakes” as a normal part of the process, it’s much easier to stay the course.

Here’s a quick way to get back on track with any goal:

  1. Pause and take inventory. Ask: Where am I? What’s happening? What is the most important question right now?
  2. Consider what you really want. Ask: From this vantage point, what refinements does my goal need? Where is my leverage at this point?
  3. Find the best pivot. Even a small change in direction can net you a completely different outcome. Ask: What is my next move?
  4. Stay present when things aren’t perfect. Rather than turning on yourself (ie beating yourself up) instead get curious. Ask: Which of my actions are working? Which are not? What else is the situation calling for?
  5. Use the pressure to work on your Invisible Tools. When we are under pressure, we often resort to a reactive mindset. Instead, use the pressure to learn. Recognize that the micro-failures might be exactly what you need to develop the inner strength and clarity to truly live in to your goal. Ask: What is needed from me AT THIS MOMENT to move closer to my goal?

I truly believe the scale of anything we will achieve is directly correlated to our willingness to tolerate the failures and mistakes along the way. It’s what you do with the failures that matters most.

So embrace the halfway point. Or consider it a brand New Year. Frame it however you need to make it work for you.

Just don’t quit.