Episode #13 The Lessons My Daughter’s Addiction Taught Me

One of the most common phrases I’ve heard in the last few weeks is “I’m ready for this to be over. When can life go back to normal?”  

We’ve really have had a lot of heavy stuff hitting us in the last few months! The pressure has been enormous – even if you’ve been stuck at home or had to slow down waiting for business to bounce back. 

It’s natural to want normal again. It’s natural to want the pressure to go away. 

Even better is to have pressure make you stronger.  

In the week before my daughter turned 22, I got a phone call that told me that normal might be gone forever. On a snowy night in February, she told me that her roommate was kicking her out of the house because she was hooked on drugs. She needed to go to rehab. 

In Episode 13 of my podcast, Jen and I tell the story of that snowy night and how I got an instant education on being the parent of a drug addict.   

For the next several years, my life was marked by an excruciating level of uncertainty and fear interspersed with glimmers of hope as we navigated the ups and downs of Jen’s addiction.  

Eventually those glimmers of hope became streams of light as we both became stronger by turning into the pressure rather than away from it. The journey had moments of truth along the way where our choices could have taken us over the edge or saved her life. We couldn’t possibly know at the time what the outcome would be.  

With all that we have in front of us right now, we can’t possibly know what the outcome will be, yet it’s essential to remember that we have choices.  

We can either put our heads down  and try to endure, or we can turn into the pressure and allow it to shape us, cleanse us and make us stronger.  

You will hear our choices and dilemmas and our coping strategies in this episode. While it seems like a heavy conversation at times, I hope you will take away some useful insights on handling pressure that you can use to make you stronger no matter what normal looks like tomorrow. 

If you do have a takeaway – or a question – please hit reply to this email. I want to hear from you! Whether you or someone you know is facing drug addiction or just the anxiety caused by so much uncertainty, there’s a good chance either me or Jen will have a way to help.  

Note: This episode was originally recorded for Jen’s podcast The Unbreakable Boundaries Podcast.  

Jen’s bio

Jen has been an addiction strategist for parent’s through for over 8 years. Because of having lived in the world of addiction for so long and being able to repair her life, she know what it takes to for someone to stop. She helps parents understand the confusing and chaotic world of addiction and more importantly, how they can help their loved ones through it. There is no one better to help understand the subtle red flags, interpret situations, and help fill in the gaps of what is really going on with their addicted loved one better than a person that has been through it. Parents need strategies to support themselves through their loved ones addiction.

You can find Jen at: 

 Website: www.ManeelyConsulting.com

Facebook Page: @Jenniferyouarenotalone

LinkedIn: Jennifer Maneely