Tis the Season for…Recovery

We are now into the season of gratitude, cheer, love and…exhaustion. While this time of year can fill us with joy and connection, it can also wear us out. It’s easy to forget our own needs while we welcome friends and family to our table, look for the perfect gift and eat the fun foods of the season.

Oh, the fun foods! I’ve been known to eat half the cookie dough before it made it into the oven. Seriously. So this year, I’m writing this letter to myself as much as anyone else. There is one primary practice, which can be divided into many other small practices, that can get us through the season: Recovery.

Let’s start with sleep. There is no better recovery practice. It doesn’t take too many sleepless nights for me to fall apart during the day.

Another critical recovery practice is exercise. Just a short walk can reset my mind and burn off a few of those excess calories.

Let’s not forget mindful breathing. Nothing resets our nervous system as quickly as a deep breath, followed by a long exhale.

Perhaps my favorite recovery practice is to assume positive intent. This was the subject of my book The Elegant Pivot. Assuming positive intent is a quick reset button to keep the power in your hands when it feels like someone has done you wrong. The cycle goes something like this: Pause. Breathe. Assume Positive Intent. Get Curious.