Lynn Carnes

The Joy of Modern Conveniences…Or so We Think

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our modern conveniences, especially hot water and electricity. I can’t imagine living without either. And yet for most of human history our ancestors did not have electricity and had to work very hard to get hot water. It would mean building a fire, gathering the water, putting it […]

We are Responsible for the Energy We Bring

More than once, I’ve been caught saying something negative about someone, thinking that they would never catch me. Somehow, I thought that if they couldn’t hear me, when I said something gossipy or judgmental, it was ok. Kind of like speeding unless the cop is behind me (something I do all the time!) Except there […]

Standing Outside the Fire

Note: This week’s blog is an excerpt from my next book Dancing The Tightrope: The Gift of Pressure and Uncertainty. I’m sharing an early, raw, unedited version. Would love your thoughts on what keeps you reading, where it loses you and what you want to know more about.   Growing up, we cooked hotdogs and s’mores over the campfire almost every weekend. Getting too […]

Is Resistance a Bad Thing? Or a Good Thing?

Is Resistance a Bad Thing? Or a Good Thing? The answer. It Depends. (Maddening, right?) In The War of Art, Stephen Pressfield posits that resistance is a force – almost a mythical thing – that arises anytime we want to make a big change, create something new or dare to take a stand. According to […]

What do They Hear You Saying

One of the conversations I find myself in a lot these days involves a client asking me how to get people to change. Makes sense – a lot of my clients are in businesses that are constantly having to respond to new competition, new market conditions or little things like a new virus that spread […]

A Shift in Perception

Scrolling through Facebook this week, a post stopped me in my tracks. My friend and executive coach Shushan Aleaqui shared this from Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief. If you could describe Shushan’s work in a nutshell, it’s this. She helps her clients rewrite the beliefs that hold them back. So, what stopped […]