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I was reminded again today of the power of changing my perspective. As my flight instructor and I were preparing to get in the airplane for multiple touch and go landings, she asked me about my seat height. Suddenly, I was taken back to our very first flight, when she suggested cranking it as high as it would go. Given that the Cessna 172 has a very high nose, it seemed like a good idea to give me a little more of a sight line to whatever is in front of me. Somehow, over the last several flights, I had forgotten about the value of taking this one extra step before flying. As I cranked the seat all the way up, we discussed our plans to help me get more comfortable in completing the approach and landing. During the pre-flight briefing prior to going out to the aircraft, I had mentioned to her that I felt very comfortable until the last few feet. You know, that moment where moving object somehow falls out of the sky to meet solid ground. I told her I just didn't have a good sense of where the airplane was relative to the ground so that I could time the flare and touchdown. Once I sat in the newly elevated seat, I surmised out loud, "We may have found our problem. I have a much better sense of the airplane already." Sure enough, as we went through almost a dozen landings, I rapidly gained confidence ...
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