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Presence-is it really that simple?

In my conversation with Warwick Schiller last week, he described how he is now solving most problems with horses – or problem horses – with presence. “I’m really starting think that the present part is the most important part. Because what used to happen was…you know I was a horse trainer for a long time. I don’t train horses for the public anymore, so I’m not really a horse trainer anymore. But what used to happen was people would bring you a horse that has problems and you fix those problems. But what I realize now is that a lot of those problems come from us not being present around them. I know it sounds like it can’t be that simple, but it is that simple.” It is that simple. But that doesn’t make it easy. I find the concept of presence difficult to truly define and even more difficult to comprehend. Don’t even get me started on actually being present. Yes, I have glimpses and momentary experiences – but I’m out of the present moment almost the minute I go into it. My mind says “I’m doing it” – and that’s the thought that takes me out of presence. Since this conversation, I’ve been noticing the cost of not being present. Almost every difficult conversation I have stems from a small conversation I chose to bypass. Long and confusing email chains get twisted up after I wrote them quickly trying to dual process and get on to the next ...
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