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I Just Want Peace

Note: Today I’m sharing an excerpt from a book I’m writing titled Dancing the Tightrope. My first time to have a coach happened through the back door. The company did not offer it; in this case, I had found her through a series of serendipitous events. Since I was hiring her, my interests and hers were completely aligned. Her job was to make me truly better, not to help me become a better cog in the corporate wheel. In our first meeting, I filled her in all my challenges, the many ways that the world “out there” was causing me problems, all the ways I was feeling screwed by the system and how little control I really had. After hearing my whole sob story, she asked, “What do you want to have happen?” The question stopped me in my tracks. I stumbled over my words as many thoughts ricocheted around my head. “What do you mean what do I want? You are supposed to help me figure out how to deal with these bastards!” “I want you to tell me what they want me to do.” “If you could help me figure out how to get them what they want so I can get promoted, that would be great.” “What do I have to do to fit in here?” So many questions. But no answer to the simple query “What do you want to have happen?” Thirty years later, I’ve asked that same question of hundreds of clients and participants ...
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