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The Magic in the Moments

We were snowed in for several days this week. When we went to bed on Saturday night, it was with the anticipation of waking up to snow. Lots of snow. This time, the weathermen got it right. Oh boy, did they ever get it right. Instead of the usual few inches of snow we usually get, we got a LOT of snow. Which meant that we weren't going anywhere for a while. Being stuck in the house is a good test of patience. It's also an opportunity to find the sublime in the tiniest of moments. When there's no place you have to be, tiny moments abound. That can be a good thing and that can be a bad thing. The first thing I did on Sunday morning - after my daily routine, which was much more leisurely than usual - was shovel snow. I was obviously preparing for my escape. And doing it less than 24 hours after the snow started! There was a logic to my madness. I've shoveled old snow, deep snow and icy snow. None of those are easy to do. With the snow still coming down, I knew it would only get deeper. Shoveling early would give me a head start. As I moved hundreds - if not thousands - of pounds of snow, the process became more and more enjoyable. Rather than thinking about it as a chore to be done, it became a puzzle to be worked. Soon, I was figuring out where ...
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