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Three Buckets of Rules

Note: Today I'm sharing an excerpt from Chapter 2 of my new book, Dancing the Tightrope, What Falling Off a Horse Taught Me About Embracing Pressure, Fear and Uncertainty. In the following excerpt, we pick up the story soon after I fell off the horse. In this segment, I'm beginning to understand the accident through the lens of my own mindset. As my recovery progressed, conversations started taking on a new tenor. Old patterns and Rules began rising to the surface, showing me their forms, their benefits-and their limitations. While the bruises were fading and my bones healed, there was a consistent question explored in most of my conversations, both with friends who loved horses and friends who feared horses. "What happened?" It was a loaded question, defined by many facets. "What did you do wrong?" "Where did you make a mistake?" "Will you ever ride again?" "What would cause this to happen again?" "How do you make sure a horse never runs away with you again?" And the question I asked myself: "If I don't get back on, does it mean I am a failure?" These questions were deep and starting to penetrate my very identity. I didn't like it. My various friends who had horses and knew very well the ins and outs, as well as dangers of trail riding, provided much needed perspective. "There is a skill to balancing yourself on a horse moving downhill. The rider has a responsibility to coordinate with the horse so that ...
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