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The Trouble with Filling in the Blanks: Another Lesson in Assuming Less Before Jumping to Conclusions

When I drove out of Mystic Waters the day after Easter, I saw a blue plastic bag hanging from the tree above me. With a quick glance, I could see that it was full of something heavy. Seeing trash on the ground is not that unusual. Seeing it hanging from a tree full of something mysterious got my attention, especially given what I thought I saw. "Surely not," I thought as I drove on to my next appointment.   The way the bag was hanging didn't look accidental. I got that deep feeling that something was off and have to admit, I was spooked by it. Last year, we discovered an ATV "abandoned" near our rental cabins. We knew someone had bypassed our gate and could be anywhere on the 162 acres of Mystic Waters. We later learned that, indeed, the trespasser had the audacity to go right to the heart of the camp - my sanctuary - where we have meals, play with the dogs and sleep when we are staying there. When confronted, the person showed no remorse, and acted as if we were the bad guys for expecting them to respect our property line.   In the time that we've had Mystic Waters, I've lost count of the many ways that we've found people in places they don't belong. Most are just curious and harmless. A few have required the help of law enforcement to encourage them to move on. At first encounter, we usually can't tell ...
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