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Rough Waters Make Good Sailors: 3 Years Later

Three years ago, I posted this blog as we entered into a new reality called COVID 19. At the time, we could have no idea what was ahead, whether the next 3 weeks, months or years. Looking back, I can see many things that were not nearly as bad as I feared at the time. Without a doubt, we have had struggles. I'm beginning to believe that we were made for struggle. It's in the struggle that I find out what's really inside of me. So I'm posting this one once again as a reminder to welcome the pressure of the struggle, for it's what makes me whole.  Originally Posted March 15 2020 In what feels like a single moment, the world has completely changed. The slow fires of a virus started spreading months ago. By now, we've all been impacted in some way. My world also changed in February 28 when my Dad, surrounded by his four children and wife Jane, left the plane of this Earth. It's time to learn to sail this rough ocean. I'm not ready. Neither are you. And that's okay. When the pressure is high, we can crumble or we can grow. In the last few weeks, I've learned the value of my regular practices by throwing them out the window. After all, who needs this s@$t when my world is shaken? What better justification to get off the wagon than losing a parent? For three nights - THREE - I tried eating chocolate ...
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