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The Water Got In

The cold showers got to me this week. It's mid-February, so freezing water coming out of the tap is to be expected. Let me tell you, the water is really, really cold right now. However, this week was almost unbearable in a way that taking cold showers had never been unbearable before. Something else was going on. I started ending my hot showers with cold showers in the fall of 2016. I heard an interview with Wim Hof, who is known as the Iceman. Almost immediately, I found huge benefits. The cold water invigorated me, although my favorite part was the tingling aliveness I felt AFTER turning off the cold water. Most mornings require at least a few seconds of negotiation with my brain before I turn the faucet from warm to cold: "You've done this for the last few days. We can make today a cheat day." "The water is going to be extra cold today. You sure you want to do this?" "You are about to go outside. You can count that for your cold exposure today." Fortunately, I typically see this mind chatter for what it is and turn the faucet anyway. My stance is this: I would rather be super uncomfortable in this cold water than to live with not showing up for myself today. That was all well and good until this week. The first day I noticed the problem happened just as the freezing water was initially hitting my head. My practice is to ...
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